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The Residential Range

Extremely energy efficient
Lower operating costs
More versatile installation

Air treatment, low sound levels, and ease of installation make the residential Toshiba air conditioning range the ultimate you can desire for your own house, with guaranteed maximum energy savings and total control of performance and consumption.

The new range of Digital Inverter air conditioners offer the best return of your investment. They deliver several advantages thanks to the vector IPDU inverter technology, Toshiba provides the best options in terms of operating costs, maintenance and flexibility.

VRF technology provides superior flexibility and precise control to the complex requirements for large commercial and industrial buildings. High efficiency levels, operating flexibility and reduced maintenance requirements guarantees the best solution.


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Toshiba Wall Mounted Dalsaki

The third generation of Daiseikai provides the highest energy savings and unmatched IAQ with Ag + Plasma Purifier air filtration, which is effective in particles as small as 0.001 microns in size. This includes smoke, dust, bacteria and even some viruses.

  • Single or multi-split systems
  • New elegant and compact design
  • DC Hybrid inverter with twin rotary compressors
  • Superior indoor air quality
  • Advanced and extensive air purification
  • All units rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency
  • Quiet operation for enhanced user comfort
  • Ag Plasma Air Purifier

The new modern design integrates perfectly with any interior. With its DC Hybrid Inverter technology and twin rotary compressor this latest Daiseikai unit is extremely energy efficient with the lowest energy consumption of 5.1 EER in cooling (size 10)

Toshiba_Digital Inverter High-Wall

With its slim-line design the Digital Inverter high-wall unit is ideal for offices, restaurants and other applications where elegance is required.

  • High Efficiency Twin Rotary Inverter Compressor.
  • Replacement Technology (R22 & R407c)
  • High performance operation, using digital inverter control system
  • Enhanced filtration system
  • TCC Link remote control (optional)
  • Auto louvre mode allows optimum air distribution
  • Infra-red and wired controls available

The units are suitable for use with either new R410A refrigerant pipework, or indeed can be used as ‘replacement technology’ enabling the re-use of existing R22 or R407c pipework.


Air_to_Air Heat Exchangers by Toshiba

The Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers use exhaust air to pre-condition the incoming air, thus reducing the cooling or heating load and the overall size for the required air conditioning system.

  • Compatible with all outdoor units
  • Five models, air flow range 70 to 280 l/s
  • Can be integrated into air conditioning systems, reduces size of overall system
  • Fresh air ventilation
  • Changes temperature and humidity of entering fresh air
  • Helps prevent sick building syndrome
  • Reclaims 20-50% of the energy lost by ventilation
  • Recovery of up to 75% heat from the outgoing air
RAV-SM Toshiba Cassette

The Super Digital Inverter Series of cassettes are unobtrusive and flexible which can easily blend in with any room interior. They offer a high performance utilizing minimum energy to help lower your power consumption.

Digital inverter features plus:

  • High efficiency twin rotary inverter compressor
  • Replacement technology (R22 & R407c)
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Built-in drain pump up to 750mm
  • Self cleaning function an anti mould drain pan
  • Removable corner pockets for easy access
  • Infra-red and wired controls available
  • Operational to –15°C in cooling & –20°C heating
  • Detachable louvre and grille for easy cleaning
  • Single phase power supply to outdoor unit onl

Toshiba VRF_Slim_Ducted

The Slim Ducted Unit offers the ultimate technology with exceptional energy savings, high performance and easy installation. It is ideal for hotel rooms.

  • Precise capacity control at all conditions
  • Slim-line grille (25mm)
  • Adjustable air distribution via remote controller
  • Compact unit - only 210mm void space required
  • Performance tuning for optimised comfort
  • Easy installation and maintenance with long-life washable filter
  • Quiet operation with automatic air flow control
  • 850mm lift pump

Toshiba VRF_Indoor _2way_Cassette

Slim, compact, lightweight and easy to install, it fits discretely in any room interior.

  • Increased line up, 2.2kW - 16kW (cooling capacity)
  • Flexible installation - ideal for sites with restricted ceiling space ONLY 295mm high (0072, 0092, 0122, 0152)
  • Quiet operation ONLY 30dB (A)
  • Reduced weight ONLY 19kg (0072, 0092, 0122, 0152)
  • High-lift drain pump (850mm)
  • Flexible control options, hard wired or infra-red

MMF-AP∗∗∗ 4BH-E_Floor_Standing

This system is particularly suitable to air
condition large rooms with low ceilings
such as restaurants or lofts. Ideal for server/comms rooms

  • IReduced footprint: two sizes, 0,128 m2 up
    to 8 kW and 0,243 m2 up to 16 kW.
  • High air flows: from 180 l/s to 600 l/s (660
    m3/h to 2160 m3/h).
  • Wide air distribution angle: up to 150°.
  • Large capacity range: cooling capacities
    from 4,5 kW to 16 kW and heating
    capacities from 5 kW to 18 kW.


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