Hawkes have been involved with refrigeration from 1966. We are able to specify and supply a large number of applications to suite your requirements, from Fridges,  Freezers, Display counters, and Cold rooms to Mortuary Rooms.

Industrial Coldrooms and Cladding

cheese production colsec coldroomsHawkes have managed and installed projects for end users with a wide range of applications such as :

  • Coldstorage - Large Chiller and Freezer Installations
  • Abattoirs and Meat processing facilities
  • Fish preparation and processing facilities
  • Fruit storage and preparation
  • Vegetable storage and preparation
  • Food preparation and production areas
  • Cleanrooms and Cleanroom environments
  • Research Laboratories and Test Rooms.

Please Contact our sales office for Further information.


Iceberg Coldrooms

Iceberg ColdroomsHawkes’s Iceberg Coldrooms are a standard range of coldrooms designed to ensure years of fault free operation at the highest levels of thermal efficiency.


A range of standard sizes are available, with options on floor finishes, options on door sizes and types with a speedy turnaround from order to installation.


For alternative sizes and non standard specifications please refer to our range of made to measure coldrooms


Panels :             All rooms incorporate 80mm thick polyurethane foam-
                            injected panels as standard, with white foodsafe steel
                            skins and are a standard external height of 2300mm.



Doors :               Standard size of 750mm by 1920mm Clear opening incorporating
                            Fermod door furniture and a lockable handle with internal safety release
                            ( alternative door furniture is available upon request ).
                            All doors include a heavy duty protective aluminium surround to the door blade.
                            Freezer doors are automatically fitted with low voltage heater tapes and transformer


Loaded Shelving ColdroomFloor Finish.     All rooms are available in floorless or floored options.
                           Standard floored option finish is 5 Bar Aluminium.
                           Other available finishes include  Flat Galvanised Steel and
                           Patterned Stainless Steel all with a 9mm ply sub-base.

Shelving.          Standard option is 3 Tier Shelving, 400mm deep to one
                           long  and one short wall. Other configurations are available
                           upon request

Refrigeration : Refrigeration units are designed to operate at up to 35C
                           ambient, with internal room tempartures down to -18C.
                           12 Months parts only warranty included as standard.

                           Please note that we do not include connection or
                           commissioning of refrigeration units as standard.


Chiller and Freezer Coldrooms

meat rail colsec coldroomAs an extension to Hawkes’s Standard Iceberg Range of coldrooms, we offer a range of made to measure coldrooms that can be tailored to your exact requirements, whether it be for non-square shapes, varying heights, specific finishes, etc.


We offer a Site Survey service for specific / awkward installations. Please contact our sales office who will put you in touch with one of our Area Managers.


A range of fixtures and fittings are available covering : -


  • All manner of door sizes, types and furniture , whether it be auto / manual Sliding doors, Hinged doors, Personnel doors and Roller Shutter / Sectional overhead doors. All available in differing sizes and finishes.
  • Alternative room finishes from Coloured steel to Stainless Steel.
  • Weatherproof roofing for externally site rooms.
  • A Range of butchers fittings ( Side hanging and ceiling rails )
  • external coldroomViewing panels and see through doors
  • Internal and External protection options, such as bumper bars and aluminium sheeting protection.
  • A range of differing insulation materials including      -   Polyurethane ( PUR ), Polyisocyanurate ( PIR ) and Mineral Wool, to suit different applications and fire requirements.
  • Internal shelving and racking.
  • Refrigeration Equipment.


Please contact our sales office who will be happy to offer assistance on your specific requirements.


Mortuary Rooms

mortuary colsec coldroomsHawkes mortuary chambers are available to the same high standards as our modular coldrooms. The mortuary chambers are available in tiers of 2-5, either freestanding or banked side by side to provide the required number of spaces. All chambers are fully insulated (80mm polyurethane foam) and finished inside and out in white Stelvetite coated galvanised steel to the walls and ceiling with plain galvanised steel floor.

The refrigeration system is normally a self-contained monoblock unit
mounted on the roof of the chamber, but it can be re-sited to suit particular requirements.

It is fully automatic and comes complete with electronic thermostat / thermometer to control temperatures at 2/4oC.

Internal racks and trays can be supplied and fitted as an additional option.



Abbey View coldroom doorsHawkes manufacture, supply and install a wide range of doors for Coldroom and Coldstore applications, Food Preparation areas and cleanrooms.


  • Hinged Chiller and Freezer Doors
  • Sliding Chiller and Freezer Doors
  • Strip Curtain openings
  • Curtain Doors
  • Flip Flap doors
  • Crash Doors
  • Insulated Roller Shutter and Rapid Rise Doors
  • Insulated Personnel doors
  • Access Hatches and Access Doors

All our doors are made to measure, if you have a specific requirement please contact our sales office who will be happy to deal with your enquiry.


Refurbished and Repairs

Hawkes offer a repair and refurbishment service covering all manner of coldstore items such as the repair / refurbishment and / or replacement of  : -
colsec coldroom storage

  • Doors
    • Like for like replacements.
    • Sliding door tracks and fixtures.
    • Hinges, handles and misc. fittings.
    • Gaskets.
    • Door protection ( Overlays, 5 Bar Sheeting, Bollards and Goalposts )
    • Door Frames.
    • Door Heater cables, tapes and transformers.
  • Panelling
    • Scratch and Dent repairs
    • Panel Replacement
    • Panel protection ( such as bump bars, sheet protection, kerbing
    • Internal and External Trims
    • colsec coldroomsSeal repairs ( i.e. re-sealing panel joints etc. )
  • Flooring
    • Floor overlays
    • Thresholds
    • Internal Kerbing
  • Coldroom and Coldstore Extensions, Relocations and Disposals
  • Other items
    • Strip Curtains
    • Shelving
    • Pressure Relief ports
    • Windows
    • Access Hatches and Conveyor openings

Where significant repairs are required we would recommend you contact our sales office who will be happy to arrange for one of our Area Managers to carry out a detailed survey.