Regular Preventative Planned Maintenance...

Building services systems are complex and require regular planned and preventative maintenance, not only to ensure trouble free operation but also for health and safety reasons not to mention maintaining the energy efficiency of your equipment.

Because of this requirement, Hawkes offers a range of maintenance programme agreements, all tailored to suit your particular requirements.

Planned Visits - Agreements cover any required arrangement where our technicians visit your site at regular planned dates to carry out leak testing, cleaning, inspection and safety checks.

Manned Sites - Our Engineers are based and operate from your premises, managing and carrying out maintenance to an agreed format.

FAQ - My system has a 3-year warranty, I don't need maintenance until the warranty expires?

Answer - Yes you do! - Air conditioning and building services systems require regular maintenance to ensure safety and optimum operational efficiency. Warranties are only applicable if the system or equipment is regularly maintained by an approved organisation.

For a PPM contract please contact us where we would be more than happy to discuss your exact requirements.

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