Think about these innovative I.T. Cooling solutions Data has such a major role in businesses of all sizes today, that even short outages can cause significant disruption, with any downtime resulting in reduced productivity and loss of revenue.

So it’s imperative business critical I.T. equipment is kept and maintained in optimal conditions.

Available from 3.5kW to 129kW, the new Mitsubishi Electric s-MEXT, i-NEXT and MSY-TP systems are designed to provide a highly efficient I.T. Cooling solution. Combining the latest in DX technology with the RC brand’s expertise in I.T. Cooling, our innovative systems deliver the high levels of performance and reliability needed for I.T. environments.

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s-MEXT: a familiar DX packaged system

Our reliable s-MEXT DX range delivers the high sensible cooling and careful control of temperature and humidity required to maintain optimal conditions in small to medium sized enterprise data centres.

The system pairs the trusted Mr Slim Power Inverter outdoor unit, with the compact s-MEXT indoor unit, in an energy efficient, inverter driven plug-and-play system with an industry-leading small footprint.

Familiar technology
Easy to install thanks to familiar Mr Slim technology
System capacities from 6kW to 42kW
Low noise
New generation EC plug fans ensure perfect airflow modulation and low noise levels
100m pipe runs, 30m lift, and the option of upflow or downflow configurations
The s-MEXT is readily available with short lead times
3 year warranty on the s-MEXT indoor unit and up to 7 years’ warranty on the Mr Slim Power Inverter outdoor unit

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M Series MSY-TP video

Our latest I.T. Cooling video focuses on the lower GWP R32 MSY-TP wall mounted system. Available in 3.5kW and 5.0kW sizes, it’s the perfect high sensible cooling solution for smaller I.T. environments. With an SHF of 0.98 and an SEER of up to 9, the MSY-TP offers significantly reduced running costs when compared to a standard Mr Slim wall mounted system.

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