One Screen Endless Possibilities

The new cloud system from Panasonic allows you to have complete control of all your installations.
With a simple click, all your units from several locations, receive status updates in real-time preventing breakdowns and optimising costs.

Panasonic AC Smart Cloud

Main Advantages

  • Control of all installations from a single internet connection, in the cloud
  • All the parameters automatically updated from the Multi Packaged AC/VRF/GHP in real time
  • Remote maintenance advice
  • Alarms
Main Advantages

With Panasonic Smart Cloud,
have your business under control, and start saving

  • Monitor temperature in your shops, optimize temperatures, reduce energy costs!
  • Monitor running time, anticipate maintenance and optimise costs consumption
  • Monitor breakdowns in order to take quick action to maintain the comfort in the shops
  • Monitor energy consumption and running time of the units
  • Compare the performance of your shops easily and develop best practices plan
  • Alarms
  • + 2 connections possible
    by internet, using the shop internet connection
  • by 3G module. In this case, the system does not need internet connection,
    but a Sim Card and the contract should be supply on the field.
Panasonic Smart Cloud Diagram


Panasonic has developed both physical and software protection with a high level of encryption to secure your data on our servers which are located in Germany.

Main Advantages

Panasonic AC Smart Cloud is fully scalable to the needs of your shops, franchises, facility companies.

3 steps to setup the Smart Cloud

Panasonic Smart Cloud is very easy to install on existing and new installations. The communication adaptor is connected to the Panasonic bus and the Ethernet. Then in only 3 steps, the cloud system is running.

3 steps to setup the Smart Cloud